Important History

From The Future

In the Galactic Space Year 20X6, giant space insects rained down upon Earth, in the Sol system. Most burned up in the atmosphere, but the survivors multiplied and adapted, until they formed a succesful internet company involved in the construction and sale of small shiny objects with lasers in them. 10 years later, there was a great embezzlement scandal in which the enitre board of directors was put to death for being decidedly hideous. However, their legacy has lived on, seeing as they each had several thousand children.

Back in 2004, I took a Web Design class at Quincy College, where I learned some basic html stuff. So, of course, I used it to put some random shit on the internet, where it will be accesable to billions of people, none of whom will notice or care. I've constructed this into a proper (although tiny) page, and have included a current events section as an excuse to update the content of the site on very rare occasion. Actually, really, I've pretty much abandoned this thing and just use it for personal image hosting, when I'm too lazy to bother with photobucket. Maybe I should write stuff somewhere that's interesting and put it here?